Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Rankings...


1) Milw, 2) Det, 3) Memp, 4) Chi, 5), 6) Mia, 7) Sac, 8) NO, 9) Cle, 10) GS


1) Hou ov, 2) Milw un, 3) Chi un, 4) Cle ov, 5) Mia ov, 6) Sac ov, 7) GS un, 8) Memp un, 9) NO un, 10) Det ov

Debating on whether to take a few days off from bets, although I will cap the Board daily...3 tough losses this week as a meaningless 3 with less than 5 seconds left by Memp as both teams had given up and then Mike Conley shoots a trey with nobody guarding him only because the shot clock was about to run out and he swished it for a tough loss...Also had a 1/2 point loss on a Ray Allen missed FT with 2.6 seconds left on a 2H play and a missed layup by Kevin Love on the last possession of the game for another tough loss...I know they'll even out over the next 19 1/2 weeks of the regular season (at least, I hope they do) and I am still 9-7 my last 16, but I may take a break for a few days...

Have an hour to decide on a play on Milwaukee as BOS rose up to easily beat Portland last night but now face a Bucks' team in need of a win and BOS doesn't have Rondo again, so I like this spot for MILW...Also like this HOU over as the Rockets get some offensive weapons back tonight...Those are the 2 I will probably play...

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